"Well, I guess I know now never to mess with 'Arry and Bert."
— Frank

Wilbert to the Rescue
'Arry, Bert, and the cargo car



Upload date:

June 28, 2008 (original)
March 13, 2009 (re-upload)

Main character(s):

Frank, Wilbert

Previous episode:

Duties of The Diesels

Next episode:

Wilbert and Tigermoth

Wilbert to the Rescue is the ninth episode of the first season.


The Fat Controller has sent away Class 40 and Diesel 199, and in their place, he has acquired two new engines: Wilbert and Frank. The Fat Controller welcomes both of them and sends Frank to pick up a goods train at the docks and Wilbert to deliver gravel to the construction site with Skarloey. When Wilbert leaves enthusiastically with Skarloey, Frank is jealous and leaves the yard in a conceited mood.

At the docks, Harvey gives Frank advice on handling trucks, much to Frank's annoyance. Frank soon encounters 'Arry and Bert at the points, with an orange cargo car blocking his way. The two Diesels refuse to move the car for Frank, who bumps the car down the line.

Meanwhile, Wilbert is talks about the Dean Forest Railway to Skarloey, who mentions Henry's Forest. They stop for water, but Wilbert sees the cargo car running away and quickly blocks it from hitting James and his special train, derailing both himself and the car. Frank arrives and concludes that he shouldn't annoy 'Arry and Bert.



  • This is the first episode out of four that make up the "Wilbert and Frank" story arc.

Goofs Edit

  • Skarloey's breakvan is derailed at the start.


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