"Uh, Bill? Mr. Ghost Engine, is that you?"

— Ben

The Mystery Train

• Episode:


• Main Character(s):

Ryan, Ben

• Previous episode:

Bulgy Takes the High Road

• Next episode:

Sidney the Renegade

The Mystery Train is the thirteenth episode of the twelfth season.

Plot Edit

Ryan was sitting at the docks feeling sad Salty tried to cheer him up but Ryan wasn't happy that he should've told Sir Topham Hatt about the Railway Inspector Salty told him to but Ryan thought he wouldn't listen. Just then BoCo arrived he told Ryan about the passingers Ryan wasn't happy and told Salty that he can't take the Dieselworks cars to the Dieselworks like he promised so Salty went to find someone else. He found Bill and Ben he tried to tell them he had an important job but they were having fun playing with a blue car who was very grumpy Salty feeling frustrated went to find someone else. Soon Bill and Ben had three derailed Troublesome Trucks then they to Bremdem Docks looking for Salty,Cranky said he went to his shed but Bill and Ben wanted to take the train. Then Stafford arrived he told them about the passengers and his shunting Bill and Ben don't like working apart but it was the perfect thing to do. Bill would help Stafford and Ben would take the cars Cranky teased Ben about being afraid of the dark Ben said he wouldn't be scrared and went away. When Ben moved in the night he heard a strange noise he didn't know who that was but the engine didn't speak and took Ben away. The next morning Thomas left the station with Annie and Clarabel when he saw a red brakevan he showed it to Salty he said it was Ben's brakevan Thomas was puzzled that he didn't go to the Dieselworks. When Thomas arrived at the Turntable he saw Bill talking to Edward and Ryan that Ben isn't here Edward tried to calm him down and told him to look at the claypits Thomas was surprised Edward said it was the third time he told him to find Ben Ryan said there's something going on and he went to tell Sir Topham Hatt he was with James talking about Duck at the works again. Sir Topham Hatt wanted to give Ryan a rewored then he saw him at the side of Tidmouth Sheds Ryan tried to tell Sir Topham Hatt something very important but he said he has to go to the DIeselworks to speak to the diesels Salty arrived to take him and the two went to the DIeselworks.


In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El motor de misterio The Mystery Engine
French Le mystère Locomotive The Mystery Locomotive
German Der Mystery Train The Mystery Train
Russian Бен Исчезает Ben Disappears
Italian Scomparsa di Ben Disappearance of Ben
Romanian Ghost Engine The Ghost Engine
Hungarian Ghost mozdony Ghost Locomotive
Greek Ben παίρνει αφαιρεθεί Ben Gets Taken Away
Korean 무슨 일이 벤 에게 무슨 일 ? What Happened To Ben?
Chinese 再見奔 Goodbye Ben
Japanese ミステリー・トレイン Mystery Train



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