The Final Fate of Spamcan

• Episode


• Main Character(s):

Bowler, Spamcan

• Previous episode:

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

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Neville the Newcomer

The Final Fate of Spamcan is the first episode of the seventh season.


After being knocked off the rails by Flying Scotsman in Season 6, Spamcan is taken into the quarry by Hank and Murdoch. Sir Topham Hatt has not thought of a punishment yet, so he sends Mavis to watch Spamcan while he is away.

At night, Spamcan tricks Mavis, and knocks her off the rails. Then Bowler arrives and the 2 diesels go to Tidmouth Sheds, where they steal Toad. They make it out, but they do not know they are being followed by Toby.

At the Docks, they are greeted by Diesel 10's other minions: Diesel, Arry, and Bert. They try to push Toad into the water, but Diesel wants the credit, and pushes the two into the ocean, never to be seen again.