Tankers and Turmoil
Tankers and Turmoil

• Episode:


• Main Character(s):

Rusty, Duncan

• Original Upload Date:

December, 2008

• Narrator:


• Air Date:

April 28, 2009

• Previous episode:

Lorry's Challenge

• Next episode:

A Cranky Day at the Docks


Rusty in the 1st scene

Tankers and Turmoil is the fourth episode of the fifth season. 


Ever since Rusty's accident, Sir Topham Hatt has put him in charge of the yard, but Rusty wants to go out again and pull coaches, One day Rusty shunts two goods trains for Sir Handel and Peter Sam. Rusty tells Peter Sam about his problem and so he promises to talk to Sir Topham Hatt. Rusty is very tired and decides to go rest in a siding, just before he can go to sleep, Duncan puffs into the yard asking Rusty to shunt his train but Rusty refuses because the train can only be shunted by the engine who is taking the train, Duncan tries begging but after being rejected he tells Rusty he'll come back in a few minutes and expects his train to be ready. when Duncan returns and finds his train is not ready he tricks Rusty by saying he sees Sir Topham Hatt coming, Rusty believes that if Sir Topham Hatt saw him working really hard he might let him pull coaches again and shunts Duncan's train. when Rusty arrives back with Duncan's train, he finds he was tricked as Duncan runs off laughing, Rusty swears he'll make him pay. Duncan finds his train is very heavy and he runs out of coal. as Ivo Hugh and Rheneas pass by with a cargo car, Duncan asks them for help, but they refuse because if they help Duncan they'll be late. Duncan sees what a silly engine he's been and remembers that Rusty is the only engine left in the yard and he'll have to come help him. back in the yard, Rusty hears about Duncan and refuses to help him since he tricked him, his driver points out that if they do help him they can pay him out and Rusty agrees. When Rusty arrives he teases Duncan and gives an extra bump, causing his train to go on a runaway, when he arrives at the docks, Sir Topham Hatt jumps into Bulstrode to avoid being hit and Duncan crashes into Ivo Hugh and his cargo car derailing Ivo Hugh, the cargo car and his own train. Rusty arrives and thinks his and his driver's prank went too far. Duncan tells Sir Topham Hatt that Rusty bumped his train, but when Rusty tells him that Duncan made him shunt his train, Sir Topham Hatt is cross and punishes Duncan by making him shunt in the yard and he tells Rusty that Peter Sam told him about his problem before and allows Rusty to work on Mighty Mac's branchline.

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