Stanley, Whiff, and The Troublesome Dumptrucks
Stanley, Whiff, and The Troublesome Dump Trucks is the seventh episode of the seventh season. 

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Two new engines, Whiff and Stanley arrive at the quarry and help out Mavis and Toby. However, two new troublesome dump trucks, Max and Monty are rather rude and occasionally disastrous. Soon, they are learnt they're lesson by Sir Topham Hatt. And after that, they skid away.

Quote Edit

Mavis: [furious] MAX, MONTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keekre24 Narrator: she cried.

Mavis: [furious] DID YOU TWO DO THIS OVER THERE!!?!?!

Max and Monty: [both whimpy] no....

Keekre24 Narrator: the dumptrucks said Innocently.

Whiff: [angry] pah!

Keekre24 Narrator: said Whiff.

Whiff: [angry] I saw them!

Stanley: [angry] yeah, they did it on purpose! They wanted to see what would happend!

Keekre24 Narrator: Toby was furious!

Toby: [furious] YOU GUYS WILL DO NO SUCH THING ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keekre24 Narrator: he said crossly.

Max and Monty: [both miserable] sorry.

Keekre24 Narrator: said the dumptrucks.

Characters Edit

  • Thumper (cameo)

Locations Edit

Goofs Edit

  • It is said that Max gave Monty back his coal whereas it was actually his gravel.
  • It would be impossible for gravel to fly in the air, especially to spray Harold.
  • The UK title is misleading as it should be titled dump lorries.