Spencer is a sleek tender engine. He is owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. He is a silver engine that has his own coach to carry the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. And also pulls his own furniture car.


When Mike the Arlesdale Railway Engine found his tender; Spencer had losen his popularity. He plans to block Tidmouth Sheds with Troublesome Trucks to block Mike in Tidmouth Sheds.

Unfortunately, Gordon is coming down the line and does not see the Troublesome Trucks and crashes into them. The trucks zoom away and now Spencer has learnt his lesson.

In Season 2, Spencer is ready for competition and challenges Gordon to a race leading disastrous results.

In Sodor's Last Stand he turns against the other steam engines and joins Diesel 10 but Diesel 10 later betrays him making it so neither the steam engines or the diesels like him.


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Season 1: The Trouble with Spencer

Season 8: Sir Spencer of Sodor

season 11: Around the Railyard in 64 Seconds, The Great Western Way (cameo), Spencer Goes Too Far and Old Square Wheels (Mentioned).

season 12: Greetings, Montague! (mentioned).

season 13: Duck and the Quack Attack (cameo), How Gator Stole Christmas (cameo)

season 14: Millie's Castle Hassle, Henry Gets Stumped, Hiro and the Heat Wave (cameo) and Dirty ‘Arry.


Claw of the law

Oliver's Eleven


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