Season 15 Will Air In April 2018.

Episodes Edit

  1. Quarantine
  2. The Trouble with Toby
  3. The Mysterious Pirate Engine
  4. Trapped
  5. Spooky Paxton
  6. Coal Trouble
  7. A Tale of Two Sodors
  8. Cleaning the Island
  9. Montague Can't Buy Me Love
  10. Smudger Returns
  11. Rosie's New Livery
  12. No Excavator Is An Island
  13. Bert and Bertie's Excellent Adventure
  14. Jack, Jackie and Caroline
  15. Duke and Luke
  16. Charlie's Fun Time
  17. Whiff and the Wellsworth Crossing
  18. Toad and Bradford
  19. Modern Millie
  20. Galloping Sausage
  21. Catherine the Great
  22. Frankenbert
  23. Hiro the Hero
  24. Guten Tag, Sodor!
  25. Buon Natale, Sodor!

Characters Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The first season to have 25 episodes.
  • This is the first season which Smudger appears since the eleventh season.
  • "Frankenbert" is the second Halloween themed episode of this season, the first being "Hankenstein" of the ninth season.
  • "Buon Natale!" is the fourth Christmas themed episode of this season. It is also the third season finale that is Christmas themed.