Season 14
The first screenshot of Season 14.

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Season 13

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Season 15

Season 14 was meant to premiere on New Year's Day 2017, but was delayed to an unknown date. On March 14th Keekre announced on Twitter that he was aiming for April 1st. This was later changed to April 14th. Then it was pushed back to the 15th.

Episodes Edit

  1. Millie's Castle Hassle: Millie tries to show Spencer how private engines should handle the Troublesome Trucks, leading to disaster.
  2. Henry Gets Stumped: Henry and Wilbert try and save the forest from the Horrid Lorries who try to use the wood for crates!
  3. Quarry Quest - Marion and Timothy help Bill out at the Clay Pits while Ben is getting his new paint job and scare the Horrid Lorries.
  4. Double-Decker-Wrecker - After kicked out of Tidmouth for behavior, Bulgy sets his sights on the Small Railway, where Mike bumps him!
  5. Freddie at the Ready - Freddie and Ivo Hugh come to realize that they both have the number 7 on their boilers and made a race.
  6. Hiro and the Heat Wave- The Island of Sodor gets hit with extreme weather and Hiro has to deliver his train before the deadline!
  7. Cabless Companions - Samson and Fergus team up to find other cabless engines to form a support group, including Neil.
  8. Furious George -
  9. Hugo Takes Flight -
  10. Magic Madge -
  11. Dirty 'Arry -
  12. James in a Jam -
  13. S.C. Ruffey's Sweet Tooth -
  14. Flat Stanley -
  15. Hatt Trick -
  16. Saving Pirate Ryan -

Characters Introduced Edit

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