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S.C. Ruffey, also known as Scruffey is a troublesome truck and a social leader of the rest of trucks..


S.C. Ruffey is a troublesome truck who likes to play tricks on engines and is the leader of the other Troublesome Trucks.


Season 1: The Trouble With Trucks,Frank and the Trucks, and A Scottish Tale (cameo)

Season 3: Double Trouble (does not speak),

Season 4: S.C. Ruffey and The Foolish Freight Cars and Rickety's Revenge

Season 9: Scruff and S.C. Ruffey

Season 12: The Importance of Being Billy (cameo) and Truckus Ruckus

Season 13: Sam I Am (mentioned), How to be Troublesome, and Toad Gets Towed.

Gallery Edit

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