"James, you are going to be late! Why haven't you left yet?!
Sorry sir, but I'm just not up to the test today. Boiler-ache, I believe.
Hey, you stole my excuse! Sir, James is faking it. He just doesn't want to leave the sheds because he'll lose his precious spot.
You're doing the same thing!
In fact, we are all doing the same thing. Sir, ever since the international engines took up residence at Vicarstown, there has been a shortage of berths for the rest of us. Is there anything you can do to fix this problem?
So that's what this is about! I was beginning to think that this was all a conspiracy to get Fergus here to pull the express. Well, I have some good news and bad news, the good news is that Sodor is no longer the staging area for the Great Railway Show, so the international engines don't have to stay here anymore. At the same time, this does not mean that the international engines are being forced to leave Sodor, so if some of them wish to spend the nights here between their competitions, then I will not stop them from doing so. You will all have to learn how to share. Let this - err - incident be a lesson to you all, Thomas and Percy gave the engines such a warm welcome yesterday that I wouldn't be surprised if most of them decided to stay. These sheds are not just meant for you, they are meant to be shared with
all engines, permanent and visiting."
- Sir Topham Hatt, James, Henry and Edward
Roundhouse Roulette
Roundhouse Roulette

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Roundhouse Roulette is the first episode of the fifteenth season.

Air Date: August 11th 2018 US

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When Thomas and Percy give Vicarstown Sheds to the International Engines, all the other engines on Sodor lose their spots.

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  • The title is derived from the lethal game, Russian Roulette.
  • The scenes of the engines taking each others' spots on the Island may have possibly been inspired by the Intolerable Acts of the American Revolution.
  • This episode marks the first of two things:

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  • Flying Scotsman says, "Silence!" whereas in the US dub, he should have said, "Quiet!".

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Roundhouse Roulette Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 211

Roundhouse Roulette Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 211