Rheneas is a red Narrow Gauge tank engine. He is good friends with Skarloey; he has a twin in the Talyllyn Railway named Dolgoch. Rheneas and Skarloey are good friends and are often seen with each other. Once, the two had departed for Crewe, but had came back soon. He often pulls coaches and often sometimes pulls Ada, Jane and Mabel and the only time he was seen pulling them was in Special Tunnel.


Rheneas is a red Narrow Gauge tank engine that works on The Narrow Gauge Railway.

In Special Tunnel, there is an alternate version of Rheneas who is painted yellow and is a in a different shape. He is not brothers with Skarloey and despises him because he sings too much.


  • Season 5:
  • Season 6:
  • Season 8:



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