Cyril the FogmanEdit

Cyril is a fogman.

Cyril had made his appearance in the non-wooden season six episode,The Fogman.

The QuarrymasterEdit

The Quarrymaster is in charge of Anopha Quarry.

He only appeared in the non-wooden third season episodes,Heroes and One Good Turn.

The VetEdit

The Vet was needed when Farmer McColl's sheep started lambing during a heavy snow storm.

The Vet only appeared in the non-sixth season episode,Toby Had a Little Lamb,and then made his appearance in a wooden episode.

The FirelighterEdit

The Firelighter once came to see why Gordon's fire would not light. Then he found out that there were gremlins in Gordon's fire.

He was mentioned in the non-wooden episodes,Thomas Comes to Breakfast & A Scarf For Percy,then made his appearance in the non-wooden fifth season episode,Gordon and The Gremlin,then made his appearances in some wooden series episodes.


Mr.Bubbles is a clown that is famous for blowing the biggest bubbles and performing with very large balloons. His hat he wears during performances looks like a funnel Thomas once had to wear.

He made his appearances in some non-wooden episodes,and then made other appearances in some wooden episodes.