This list is for human characters who appear in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures.

Farmer McCollEdit

Farmer McColl
Farmer McColl is a farmer and he has his own farm close to Thomas' branch line. He owns cows, chickens, pigs and any other animal that belongs to a basic farm: he made his first appearance in Thomas' 4th of July because he needed the Sodor Cookie Cars to be taken to his farm for an upcoming market day. His personality is pretty kind and he does anything he can do at helping his animals; he always brings his milk to every market day including in the episode Fergus' Market Day.


The Dockyard ManagerEdit

The Dock Manager
The Dockyard Manager is a manager who works at Brendam Docks and though he is hardly seen, he is mentioned by the dockyard diesel shunter Salty and also the grumpy tower crane Cranky. This man according to the engines is a little nice but does his job well and often has meetings with Sir Topham Hatt sometimes. However, this man is unknown except for Salty and Cranky but currently works at the Docks where the dockyard engines work and do their jobs.


The Vicar of WellsworthEdit

The Vicar of Wellsworth is a man who works at the Wellsworth Vicarage Orchard on Edward's branch line and he owns Trevor the traction engine. He is not seen in the series but is mentioned in the twelfth season episode, The Importance of Being Billy when "Silly" Billy bumped the Wellsworth Bee Car out of the way trying to help out on Sodor.


Sam the FarmerEdit

Sam the Farmer
Sam is a farmer who owns a farm on the Island of Sodor and like Farmer McColl, he takes good care of his animals and brings his milk over every market day which is known in the episode Fergus' Market Day where Fergus tried to hide his milk tankers because of Farmer McColl's milk tasting better than his.


The JudgeEdit

The Judge is a judge who comes over every market day once a year on the Island of Sodor to pick out which food and drink tastes the best and the winner is announced by him at the end of every celebration. One year he announced that Farmer McColl's milk was better than Sam the Farmer's which made Fergus hide the Milk Tankers in a tunnel.


The SchoolboyEdit

The Schoolboy is a young boy who is the brother of the Schoolgirl. He is often found at school or as a passenger who goes on the Express at Knapford Station and he is still learning because of being young.

Once him and his sister the Schoolgirl met Douglas at a station and mistook Douglas for his twin brother Donald making Douglas cross and huffing away upset.

Donald also came by a few minutes later and the two children mistook him for Douglas leading to the disaster between the Scottish Twins.



The SchoolgirlEdit

The Schoolgirl is a young girl whose brother is the Schoolboy, she is often a passenger for the Express as well along with her brother the Schoolboy.

Once her and the Schoolboy mistook Douglas for Donald and Donald for Douglas making the two Scottish engines decide they wanted to be painted a different color but figured staying the same was a better choice after all…

She also made a cameo in the twelfth season later on as she was waiting at the platform for Gordon's Express.




The Passenger LadyEdit

The Passenger Lady is a woman who is a passenger who either rides on the Express or the Knapford Express at Knapford Station. She appears to be the mother of the Schoolboy and his sister the Schoolgirl.


Jem ColeEdit

Jem Cole is Trevor and George's owner who is a good friend with the Vicar of Wellsworth: he is usually not seen often but is mentioned by Edward and Trevor. Nonetheless he says he never drove a better engine like Trevor from what the traction engine says and he is a nice guy…

The Picture TakerEdit

The Picture Taker is a photographer who only appeared in the second season to take pictures of the Flying Scotsman until Bill and Ben bumped into his tenders at the Docks.


The PaintersEdit

The Painters
The Painters are two men who were brought as painters to paint one of Donald and Douglas blue to tell them apart until the twins bumped the car of blue paint off the rails!


The Man with the LampEdit

The Man with the Lamp
The Man with the Lamp is a man who lives on the Island of Sodor. He once had to tell the Painters that they didn't give James red paint but yellow and black paint instead.


The Yard MasterEdit

The Yard Master as his name implies is the manager of the Yard.


The Turntable MasterEdit

The Turntable Master is a man that switches the turntable for engines to set off to pull trains, he has appeared in numerous episodes but is not seen.


The Man at the AirportEdit

The Man at the Airport is a man who works at the Sodor Airport.


The Loggers Edit

The Loggers

The Loggers are the men who cut down old trees in Henry's Forest to be cut into timber.

Appearances Edit

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