Kelly is a blue truck with a yellow crane arm originally to belong to Miss Jenny's father. He is perhaps the leader of the Pack.


When we first met Kelly, Kelly teased Jack on his first day. Isobella also teased Jack; but Jack was curious and his first day and making his curiousness end up into disastrous results.

Kelly later appeared in "A Friend in Need".

One Halloween night, Kelly told a story about a one-eyed truck. Max and Monty did not believe the story; they searched out - but later, they were shocked--- they thought an old surprise was "the one-eyed truck" but it wasn't.

One windy day, Kelly had it hard. He swung his crane arm up to fix a building--- suddenly, Kelly crashed onto the ground!

That windy day next morning, Kelly was sent to rescue Isobella. It was windy to but Kelly didn't give up; Isobella was soon back on the road.

One day, Alfie the excavator saved kittens. Kelly also made an appearance then.

Kelly is perhaps the construction vehicle who is the leader of the Pack. He is always ready to help out a friend in need.


Kelly is perhaps based on a real crane; due to him being a crane - however, the specific basis is unknown.

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