Culdee is a mountain engine. He is named after the railway his rails climb, previously he is named after Culdee Fell. He has his own mountain coach named Catherine and his own tool van.


Culdee is a Mountain engine,he has his own coach named Catherine.


Season 1: Wilbert and Tigermoth (cameo)

Season 2: Skarloey & Rheneas Depart for Crewe

Season 3: Clumsy Culdee

Season 4: Catherine's Story

Season 8: Frank and the Fib (cameo), The New Controller (cameo)

Season 13: Rust or Bust (cameo), Go Boldly, Culdee, and Ivo Hugh's Day at the Zoo (mentioned)

Season 14: Hiro and the Heat Wave (cameo), Merlin the Magical Engine (cameo), Dirty ‘Arry (cameo),

Specials: Thomas and the Storm, Lady the Lost Engine, The Battle of the Branchlines and Sodor's Last Stand


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