A Windy Day For BoCo
A Windy Day for Boco

• Episode:


• Main Character(s):

Mike, James, BoCo

• Original Upload Date:

December, 2008

• Narrator:


• Air Date:

April 29, 2009

• Previous episode:

Boastful Billy

• Next episode:

Edward the Unreliable Engine

A Windy Day For BoCo is the seventh episode of the fifth season. 


After James' accident,Mike has to work with BoCo for a while,Mike likes to work with BoCo and one day they pull the express,but it is so windy,but Mike and BoCo just go along the line,they arrive where Sir Topham Hatt is just in time,and Sir Topham Hatt says that Mike can work with BoCo for a while.

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