"I guess I know never to mess with 'Arry and Bert." -Frank, Wilbert to the Rescue

'Arry and Bert are two very troublesome diesel shunters. Bert is known as Iron Bert whereas 'Arry is known as Iron 'Arry. They were the 2nd antagonists of Keekre24's Series. They are also two of Diesel 10's minions; they plan to scrap steamies at the Scrapyards. Their first appearance is Wilbert to the Rescue in Keekre24's Series. They are two diesels who sleep in the Diesel Sheds along with "Devious" Diesel and Norman.


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Season 1: Wilbert to the Rescue

Season 3: Diesel's Dilemma

Season 7: The Final Fate of Spamcan,

Season 8: The New Controller (cameo) and Fire at the Sheds

Season 9: Railway Stowaway

Season 10: Coal Crisis

Season 11: Fergus' Day Off (cameo), The Great Western Way (cameo), Duncan in the Dumps ('Arry only), Hank and the Hatt St Crossing (Arry only, cameo), Spencer Goes Too Far (Arry or Bert cameo) and Trembling Trevor

Season 12: Scottish Blues (mentioned), and Sidney the Renegade

Season 13: Oliver's Fossil Fright (Bert only) and Sideplates and Skirmishes (Arry only)

Season 14: Dirty ‘Arry

Specials: Sodor's Last Stand, Claw of the Law


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They have the same shape as splatter and dodge


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'Arry and Bert are based on a BR Class 08 diesel shunter. Other members of this class are "Devious" Diesel, Splatter, Dodge, The Diesel Shunter, Sidney and Paxton.


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